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Welcome to Old Paper Patterns. 

I realised how many paper patterns are out there and how many beautiful out of print patterns head to landfill or recycling becasue people do see that they have any value.    Now I have catlalogued scanned and listed patterns for sale.  Envelope condition varies from Excellent to Torn and Damaged and some with no envelope at all..  When going through these patterns I realised that some are 70+ Years Old and to stand the test of time and still be uncut and intact at this time is remarkable.   I have opened each envelope unless factory sealed and glanced at the contents inside.  All patterns are as listed but its not an exact science.

Listings will continue to be updated on a regular basis as new stock is sought.

When looking through the listings you will find that I have classified patterns in 3 ways Uncut, Cut to Size and Cut to Specific Size. 

Postage will be calculated on Australia Post charges.  Prices will vary depending on Quantity.   

Old Paper Patterns are now Accepting International Orders with Paypal.  

I am indroducing a new way of checking all my cut patterns I will be offering a certificate of guarantee which will show the buyer what pattern pieces are included in the envelope and any exclusions or alterations that may have been made to the original pattern.   I reassures the buyer they are buying a quality item.   If the pattern is uncut it will be clearly listed with the same guarantee.    I will update you when the new patterns are listed.

I hope you enjoy Old Paper Patterns and if you have any questions Please dont hesitate to message me.


6 October 

The website is back up and running thanks to https://tecmyer.com.au/ for getting the problems I was having with the website fixed.   At this moment in time I have Paypal and DD as my 2 methods of payment.  I will get the CC facility back up and running in coming days.

Any Problems Please dont Heistate to Conact me at sales@oldpaperpatterns.com.au 

Hope all is going well. I have been continue listing 60s patterns over the weekend and hope to get to the 70s simplicity box during the week.  



If you are interested in rehoming your patterns I am always happy to chat to you.   


Old Paper Patterns

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